Michael Moore’s Sicko Wants You

Michael Moore has decided to do something a little different with the recent release of his documentary detailing some of the ills, as he sees them, of America’s healthcare system. He has encouraged individuals to upload their own healthcare horror stories to YouTube.

This is an interesting use of the Internet to help tell a continuing story, since obviously one film can’t capture all that’s wrong with our health care system. What I would also find interesting is if people added their own experiences about what works in the current U.S. system. Because wholesale changes — such as completely changing how the industry works here — aren’t nearly as likely as progressive, smaller changes.

I haven’t caught the film yet, but hope to do so over the weekend. Let us know what you thought of the film in the comments below, and what you think of this YouTube effort.


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2 Responses to “Michael Moore’s Sicko Wants You”

  1. Ed Puriski III says:

    Hello Michael Moore

    MY name is Ed Puriski III and I just want to say that you are truly an angel brought down from the heavens above. You tell the people of America the truth about how are government really only cares about saving money for them to spend. They could care less about people with mental illnesses who need to be treated unless its within their own families blood.
    been diagnosed with Left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy ,which does not allow me to keep a job longer than six months. This disease makes me forget things all the time, have seizures when I am asleep, and strokes from the lack of air that reaches my brain. I to will die from a surgey I desperately need to have done in order to live. At least I am at peace knowing the truth about health insurance because of you.

  2. just a human being says:

    Please help us in reforming this health care. We need people that care to help,in the medical field, greedy insurance companies and the government that just taking care of themself only. I am so disappointed to see and hear that. this people in our government are taking care of themself and their families only. why why why aren’t we all going to leave this earth one day. why they are greedy just to take from this country and leave this beautful country and live in anther counties and tell the people that other countries are better…….one day you all going to be judged sooner or later. Just for the records no country is better than the other. I am saying that from experience. Just clean your act.

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