Making the world a better place …

I checked my calendar today, 7/7/07 and found two important events — Live Earth concert and Tom Ferguson’s birthday.

In honor of Tom’s birthday, I decided to wear my e-patients t-shirt, one of the last things Tom gave me. It says, “healthcare. just fix it.”

Some how or another, it seems fitting that the Live Earth concert was on Tom’s birthday — “global warming. just fix it.”

Thanks Tom, for making the world a better place.


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  1. Judith Feder says:

    Inspired by my own journey, and the wisdom of many of the contributors on this blog, I’m currently a member/subscriber/lurker on any one of a number of “e-patient” sites. I came across the attached link on Organized Wisdom today. While I think the advice is a bit elementary for e-patients, it’s not a bad “101” for those who are just beginning to take control of their care:

  2. John Fiorillo says:

    I just stumbled upon this entry and spent some time thinking about Tom Ferguson and what a tremendous contribution he made to the democratization of health and envisioning its future. In the twenty years I knew Tom he was always ahead of the curve by a wide margin. Terri’s posting about the Bolinas group is a window on just one example of his leadership. I’m happy to see the Bolinas initiative continues.

  3. Alan Greene says:

    And John, it is great to “see” you. That Bolinas gathering was a special moment, a taste of many exciting things to come.

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