Hey there, e-Patient Dave!

And welcome to “the movement” (his term not ours :-)

I love the transformation of your Blog from Patient Dave to e-Patient Dave and want to quote it here for our readers.

“… this looks to me like the Sixties motto “power to the people,” made real in the world, in a way that’s touching many many people and could be touching far more – even everyone.”

That’s what we’re all about!

Fellow cancer survivor,
Cheryl Greene


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3 Responses to “Hey there, e-Patient Dave!”

  1. Judith Feder says:

    As another e-patient, I second the welcome!

    Judy Feder

  2. e-Patient Dave says:

    I’ve been remiss in not saying “Thanks!” It’s a re-rejuvenating pleasure to discover this community. Otoh, you may have empowered a happy monster. :)

    Nothin’ like a person with a new life on his hands, a platform, and a microphone.

  3. ePatientDave says:

    Just ran across "Welcome e-Patient Dave" post on ep.net two years (to the day!) before the Time article http://is.gd/7ryY0

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