e-Patients Lead The Way at Health 2.0 Conference

The Health 2.0 Conference in San Diego, CA (March 4, 2008) was a buzz with ideas of innovation and connectivity. Matthew Holt and Indu Subalya, MD managed to cram more presentations into one day than most conferences do in two days. The almost-overwhelming day was kicked off by e-Patient Scholar, Susannah Fox and the tone she set ran through many of the day’s sessions. She closed her talk with a wonderful 7 word challenge – “recruit doctors, let e-Patients lead, go mobile”.


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  1. Well?? More more more?

  2. Susannah Fox says:

    Have no fear! Although I’ve lost my voice again to this dreaded cold, I will post the text of what I said at Health 2.0 later today.

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