An e-Patient Hero Leaves Us

Most of us know Randy Pausch from his video lecture “Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, taped at Carnegie Mellon as part of their “Last Lecture” series. His hope and optimism in light of a crushing diagnosis brought millions up short as they examined their lives through the lens of this great man at the end of his short life. What you may not know is that Randy was an e-Patient. He was engaged in his own healthcare to the very end and shared his journey freely with the world.

Randy Pausch, teacher, speaker, e-patient, and father dies at 47.


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  1. This post, from May 11, describes what an e-patient Randy was: Randy Pausch, empowered patient / participatory medicine.

    He is surely the most visible e-patient role model, equipped / engaged / empowered and enabled to the very end.

  2. The New York Times “Well” blog had a good piece yesterday, with links to their past coverage, including contributions and video from Randy.

  3. Susannah Fox says:

    Another hero left us last week, I just learned on the Wall Street Journal’s health blog:

    Victor McKusick, Father of Medical Genetics

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