Dr. Val Jones Leaves Revolution

Although not explicitly mentioned, it appears Dr. Val Jones, the Senior Medical Director at Revolution Health, has quietly left the company and is starting her own venture, Better Health. You can read an interview where she discusses her new life online, with not a single mention of her 2+ year efforts at Revolution. Rumor has it that Revolution actually terminated most of its relationships with medical staff, moving highly paid doctors like Dr. Val from full-time to a consulting role only. Glad to see her move on with her own “brand” and venturing out on her own!


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  1. Charlie Smith says:

    I developed a friendship with Val over the past two years and certainly wish her well in this endeavor. Val was, indeed, the “voice of reason” at Revolution where she managed a blog by that name. Unfortunately, her colleagues there were pretty unreasonable and did not support her attempts to bring high quality physician input into the site’s content and into its direction. Personally, I think that is one of the main reasons that the vision Steve Case had for the company never came close to reality.

  2. Susannah Fox says:

    Val Jones has a column up on the new Disruptive Women in Health Care blog that is worth a read:


  3. Jim Lippard says:

    Dr. Jones gave an account of her time at Revolution Health at the Science-based Medicine conference at The Amazing Meeting 7 in Las Vegas last week.

    A summary of her talk:


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