The Im-Patient Consumer

Josh Seidman has a new entrant in the health care name game: The Im-Patient Consumer. As he explains, “Americans for the most part are too [expletive of choice] patient with the absurd care that they get for more than $2 trillion a year.”


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  1. That’s too funny – just this morning I was thinking of starting a second personal blog for my non-medical topics, and calling it

    But, to the point, PCPCC has been standing up from the employer (payor) POV and saying the “not gonna take it anymore” thing.

    Having sat with these conversations and trend-watched for 6 months now (since first meeting with this group), I increasingly think the whole damn industry is begging to be pitched out the window. And just as Gilles suggested the other day, as this economy collapses in a horrendous crunch, we-all may end up creating (of desperate necessity) an infinitely more effective and efficient “shadow system,” entirely enabled by E.

  2. Lodewijk Bos says:

    I have to say that Josh is not the first to come with this concept. Carlos Rizo has a blog with the name Im-Patient and I was one of the authors of an article called “The impatient patient” published in June this year.
    Lodewijk Bos

  3. > not the first

    Excellent! I’ve become so schooled in this that I now have foresight into the past!


  4. Susannah Fox says:


    Thanks so much for that clarification on the widespread use of “Im-patient” (I guess it was just new to me). I put your blog directly into my reader, so thanks for that too!


  5. Lodewijk wrote in his article:

    “ICT has the potential to transform radically the delivery of healthcare to include prevention, well-being and disease avoidance and to address future health challenges. Whether they actually do so will depend on sufficiently accounting for the users’ needs and the provision of adequate support and training after their introduction.”

    Note the mention of adequate support! There is a growing number of stories showing this to be probably the biggest Achille’s hill of this move to ICT. The latest that I just read shows us how universal the problem is. And thanks to Walmart I think we can now assume that we should NEVER assume anything about the long term level of support for any digital service. See Wal*Mart shutting down DRM server….

  6. Hello Guru, what inspired you to write such a Post. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. :)

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