Connected Health Symposium 2008

An East Coast contingent of the e-patients group will be in Boston on Monday and Tuesday, speaking and listening at the Connected Health symposium.

I’m going to present the Pew Internet Project‘s latest data on social media and how the participatory Web is creating opportunities for participatory medicine. Danny Sands and “e-Patient Dave” deBronkart will talk about “Illness in the age of ‘e’: A case study of participatory medicine.” I’ve been told there will be a roving microphone in the ampitheater, so I’m hoping a discussion erupts on either the grand themes (“Who Provides, Who Decides, Who Pays: Consumers, Clinicians and Business Models in the Connected Care Era”) or whatever else pops up. What would YOU ask if you had the chance to question the lineup of speakers?


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  1. Sussanah,

    Given the recent article in the NEJM 2008;359:50-60, “Electronic Health Records in Ambulatory Care – A National Survey of Physicians, the stated figures for physicians having an extensive, fully functional electronic-records systems was 4% and only 13% having a basic system. Combining this with the barriers to adoption for EHR, how will we be able to move forward, effectively, with the necessary changes for “Participatory Medicine?”

    Harlan R. Weinberg, MD, FCCP

  2. Nathan Low says:

    That was a great talk today! Looking forward to reading more about the pew project on this blog.

  3. Susannah Fox says:

    Harlan, you are right on track with the speakers on the last panel (“Getting Past 3%: Engaging the Mainstream Consumer in Personal Health Information Services” with Carol Diamond/Markle, Adam Bosworth/Keas, Craig Froude/WebMD, and Jamie Heywood/PatientsLikeMe) so definitely watch that video clip when the Connected Health team posts it. Danny & e-patient Dave also talked about the importance of the patient-accessible EMR they were able to collaborate on during their cancer journey. But luckily a lot of the keynotes and panels (and hallway discussions) focused elsewhere, looking for ways to “steer the kayak” on the current of this tech/social revolution (as Clay Shirky put it).

    And Nathan, thanks for the kind words — please do keep us on your radar screen!

  4. Susannah Fox says:

    I’ll post something this week about more of my impressions from the Connected Health conference — for example, that after talking with Lena Sorenson I am changing the first part of my 7-word challenge to “Recruit PROVIDERS” (not doctors) since that brings in nurses, etc.

    Meantime, check out the excellent summaries of Day One and Day Two by John Moore of Chilmark Research (who I finally met in person!)

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