Revolution Health Gets Gobbled Up By Everyday Health

As previously discussed, Waterfront Media acquired Revolution Health in a deal the New York Times valued at $300 million. Waterfront Media is a Brooklyn-based company that runs Everyday and represents many condition-specific health sites (including Case joins Waterfront’s board of directors. Expect massive staff reductions at the Revolution Health offices in D.C.


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  1. So, I’m in the high tech game in my day job. What value is Waterfront acquiring for its $300 million? (Honest question – I’m wondering what’s the nature of the business.) Does Case bring a big network of customers or a big marketable knowledgebase?

    Valuation of companies is a fascinating game sometimes. I wonder what multiple of earnings was envisioned, or what other method they used.

    Among other things, I’m wondering what I could create that I could sell in a few years for well into nine figures!

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