Confessions Yield Debate

David Kibbe’s THCB post, Confessions of a Physician EMR Champion, has stirred debate in the comments section including some key insights from our own Gilles Frydman, who points out the need to add “patients” to the list of stakeholders, and Christine Gray, who writes about cultural differences among male and female doctors in adapting to change.


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  1. Susannah Fox says:

    I want to highlight another of Chris’s excellent observations, buried in the comments of the THCB post:

    >>>The “takeaway” from any business or consumer transaction is something in writing: a receipt, a warranty, operating instructions.

    It dumbfounds me that the “takeaway” from a meeting with a physician, even on something as damning as a cancer diagnosis, is nothing. Memory of a heartbreaking conversation, heard while in shock.

    And yes, it’s frustrating and limiting that these IT systems are as yet not interoperable. What this audience seems to forget: Even an “information silo” offers patients what they need. That first piece of paper.<<<

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