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The Association of Health Care Journalists has launched a new blog called Covering Health and it’s well worth adding to your blogroll.


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  1. Dr. Grohol – Thanks for mentioning AHCJ’s new blog!

  2. I am flying back to Seattle from the American Sociaty of Hematology meeting in San Francisco. There were 50 or so health journalists there. I was excited to be doing something a bit unique. I produced 11 live audio webcasts with leading medical experts. There was no outside sponsor nor “agenda.” It was exciting to propel this sort of in-depth insight to patients rapidly online. See what you think off the home page of and let me know if I should do more and if you can think of other outlets. All our content is featured in Microsoft’s

  3. Susannah Fox says:

    Thanks, Andrew! Your site is a great example of how someone can leverage the internet & radio to dive deep into a topic and also spread information.

    To answer Dave’s question, I’ll follow AHCJ’s blog b/c it addresses the conflict of interest questions we have been talking about here and now here.

  4. Interesting and communicative, but would participate in something more on this topic?

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