“Patients” vs. “Health Care Consumers”? Both, If You Ask AmyT

Amy Tenderich weighs in on the name debate: patient vs. consumer. Almost anything is better than cyberchondriac or medical googler, but e-patient is still my favorite.


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  1. I loathe the word “consumer” — as if we use up healthcare. “Patient” isn’t much better, though it goes nicely with “waiting room”. I personally lobbied for “Fergusons”, but Tom put his foot down on that one.

  2. Susannah Fox says:

    How about “Health Activist”? That was a suggestion from Marie Connelly over on DiabetesMine.com. I also like Jane Sarasohn-Kahn’s suggestion of “citizen.”

  3. Seems like each term

  4. Seems like each term has pro’s and con’s. The reality is that we ARE acting like health consumers, but the term sure is cold and doesn’t embrace the elements of being a good, or savvy consumer. e-patient much better at that I think. Health Activist makes me think of people marching on Washington–which although probably not a bad idea–not the right term for everyday actions.

    Will be nice when “patient” itself embodies all that we want e-patient to mean.

  5. SusannahFox says:

    @kevinkruse Check out the links in this short post re e-patient vs consumer vs medical googler vs cyberchondriac http://is.gd/i96w

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