Mobile, social technology and the impact on health care

Fard Johnmar interviewed me about internet adoption, the use of social technologies among minority groups, and my hope that e-patients’ “passion, knowledge, and ingenuity is brought forward no matter what else is planned for health care reform.”

Mobile access is an essential component of the next wave of the information revolution. This chart displays the basic demographics of the “Motivated by Mobility” group identified in the Pew Internet Project’s report, The Mobile Difference.

Demographics of "Motivated by Mobility" group

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2 Responses to “Mobile, social technology and the impact on health care”

  1. ePatientDave says:

    Terrific short interview with @SusannahFox about mobile & social media, impact on HC

  2. Judy Feder says:

    For those of us who are e-patients, your priorities are, of course, right on and self-evident. But for the too many people who still some surprised that patients are at the center of the health care equation, thank you, thank you, thank you for making this unequivocal statement about the priorities for health care reform.

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