Boston Globe Kills Health & Science Section

In a sign of the times of the struggling newspaper business, The Boston Globe has axed its health and science section. Strangely, the Globe’s medical blog makes no mention of the cut, despite the end of 25 years of specialty, focused reporting on the sciences and health. And in Boston, of all places, a national center for medical training and biosciences innovation. Truly astonishing.


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  1. John,

    Good point. Here’s a mention on White Coat Notes:

    “A few Globe readers have been wondering what has happened to the newspaper’s Health/Science section, a weekly feature that debuted in 1983.

    As of this week, health and science coverage that used to appear in the section have moved to other parts of the Monday paper. Personal health stories, including Health Answers and short summaries of medical research, have moved to “g,” which will have a personal health focus. Science articles, including Ask Dr. Knowledge and excerpts from The Green Blog, are now found in the Business section, which will have a science and innovation focus on Mondays. White Coat Notes will be published online only.

    “We will continue to vigorously cover health and science stories in the daily paper and in White Coat Notes,” Heath/Science editor Gideon Gil said.

    For more about the changes, see this story in the Columbia Journalism Review.

  2. Boston Globe kills health/science section. Great decision!, in the hub of medical/biosciences innovation.

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