Consumer Partnership for eHealth’s thoughts on Meaningful Use

Precursor posts: The “meaningful use” debate (my thoughts); the Markle Foundation’s work on the subject

Thanks to Josh Seidman of the Information Therapy Blog for steering me to the “meaningful use” work that’s been done by the Consumer Partnership for eHealth – another great group I’d never heard of. I’m loving the way Web 2.0 lets us discover, and help each other discover, new allies and resources.

Here are some highlights of CPeH’s view. Meaningful use is when:

  • Care is comprehensive, coordinated, personalized and planned
  • Patients and their caregivers are full partners in their care, assisted with management of chronic illnesses and health care decision making
  • Transitions between settings of care are smooth, safe, effective and efficient
  • Patients can get care when and where they need it
  • Patients’ experience of care is routinely assessed and improved
  • Care is connected to and integrates community resources
  • Continuous quality improvement and the elimination of disparities are a top priority

Don’t you love it? Wouldn’t you love to have that be LAW??

If you’re into this stuff, please read the rest of Josh’s post. More important info on CPeH and on Markle. Good contribution.


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    Quick post on Consumer Partnership for eHealth’s statement on Meaningful Use:

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