Senator Ted Kennedy was an e-patient

CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen makes a compelling case in her column today: How to get Kennedy-esque health care on your budget. Anyone with internet access can gather the information they need to make better health decisions, as e-Patient Dave and Karen Parles did, and refuse to take “no” for an answer, as Sen. Kennedy did.


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  1. I’ll note, as we do from time to time, that there’s more to “e” than the internet.

    One can be empowered and engaged without ever touching a computer.

  2. Jessica says:

    We know there is a big deal in regards to health care reform, but the Health Care system needs much more than just financial considerations and availability.

    Much more needs to be done to see that the professionals providing the care are actually qualified professionals and they are using their skills to HEAL, not just line their own pockets at the expense of hurting others.

    There also is a great need for better availability of the information on HOW to locate the quality care physicians and to know how to tell the difference between a doctor that want to HEAL and one that is just going through the motions. The need is for everyone that is not “wealthy” to have this necessary information.

    In addition to my own bad experiences attempting to gain quality care, as well as others whom I know and thousands of others seen on the internet, I’ve recently been emailed a link to a new blog with a story far worse than my own, and he/she has apparently only begun to tell their tale. There was a bit in his/her tale that reminded me of several known situations, so perhaps it might spark some recognition and contribute to any venue of improvement: .

    Something must be done.

  3. Susannah Fox points out that Sen. Kennedy was an e-patient: #healthcare #pcmhome

  4. SusannahFox says:

    @elizcohencnn Always a pleasure! Sen. Kennedy was an e-patient

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