Video: If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care

Back in September, Jonathan Rauch of the National Journal wrote a terrific (fact-based!) send-up of our archaic, arcane, not-customer-centric healthcare system, titled “If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care.” I wish I’d known about it then, but I only learned of it recently, because a couple called “The New Altons” have made a great home-brew video of it, and posted it in YouTube.

Well, now it’s going viral, at least among the healthcare crowd on Twitter. Fasten your seatbelts.

The closing frame says it’s made by Mary & Peter Alton. It appears to be Twitter user @PeterAlton. Follow him, and thank him.

p.s. Never have I seen a better example of how an entertaining video can transform the reach of a good message.


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  1. Found the source of "If Air Travel Worked like Health Care"!

  2. @KentBottles @doctorwes @EdBennett @SusanCarr I found author of "Air Travel/HC" vid – see

  3. MedicalQuack says:

    RT @ePatientDave "If Air Travel Worked Like Healthcare – good video and makes the point

  4. Karen Lopez says:

    RT @paulboal: LOL Sad – Video: If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care –

  5. carlosrizo says:

    RT @s4pm Video: If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care

  6. Alan Greene says:

    RT @DrDannySands: Awesome illustration! RT @s4pm Video: If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care

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  8. check it out – video – If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care – /via @sgschade

  9. ICMCC Blog says:

    […] co-founder of the Journal for Participatory Medicine. This entry has been previously published at SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Guest: If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care", url: […]

  10. Paul Smith says:

    Ouch, dead on! RT @mightycasey – if air travel was like US healthcare. Funny AND true. Do something about it.Demand change

  11. Paul Smith says:

    Just watched the rest of this video that @mightycasey sent on, demo'ing absurdity of US healthcare if it was travel aaagh!

  12. Gienna Shaw says:

    If Air Travel Worked Like Healthcare "I've filled out my travel history half a dozen times!" via @RmrJmrGrl @s4pm

  13. Gienna Shaw says:

    @mary_alton: Thanks for the great video "If Air Travel Worked Like Healthcare" OK, @peteralton, too.

  14. Video: If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care

  15. Peter says:

    of course if healthcare worked like the airline industry we would have to get to our appointments several hours in advance to be screened for contagious diseases, appointments and surgery would be canceled because the doctor maxed out on work hours or because the necessary equipment was unavailable, and of course there would be no emergency care- scheduled service only!

  16. RT @MightyCasey: Absolute worship in the direction of @peteralton, who produced this: – if air travel was like US heal …

  17. srinaldi says:

    If Air-travel operated like healthcare,

  18. Joel says:

    There are huge downsides to centralized record keeping in medicine. For one thing, it can prevent you from being able to get care. Ask a patient who is a victim of an error or a crime in medicine. It takes very little for the perpetrator to paint you as a crank and signal the rest of the medical community not to diagnose your injuries lest the diagnosis be used in a complaint or suit. Then you cannot get treatment for the injuries. This is the routine in medicine when things go wrong. Centralized records can make it even easier to cover up problems. Still, we should be able to carry a dongle containing all the data they ask us to fill out every time we enter an office. How accurate are our memories about what surgeries we had in what years and how they were done?

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  20. ben says:

    The best part is the stuff about the privacy records. Informed consent is an albatross hanging around the neck of any efficiency in medical care provision.

  21. The US Gov’t is killin’ us. Can’t the entire nation get that the health care bill absolutely will drive up taxes for all of us and even create new ones for all of us?

  22. Bernard says:

    wow, really good video, Inspiring.

  23. petter says:

    wow, the video is so cool!!

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