Data-Driven, Patient-Centered Health Care: A #WhyPM Video

From our friends at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneer Portfolio, the best #WhyPM short video I have seen.

My kudos to them.


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  1. Gilles thanks for sharing this video-

    We are the people who are excited about changing things. But many of us are all still just talking at each other, not talking ‘to’ folks who are afraid of illuminating all that data, much less the personal decision process.

    How will you make decisions – not DATA – healthier decisions contagious?

    We’re working on it. By building, but also by branching out and talking to ‘traditional’ sectors in health, pharma, biotech, employer benefits, and insurance.

    Health (and healthcare) decisions don’t just involve a doc and a patient. The are complex, fast-moving, multifactorial.

    WE need to bear some of the responsibility, by virtue of being people who ‘get it’ about participatory medicine, for engaging as many people as we can to participate in discussions about coding for better choices.

  2. @drjmob But where is the irrational exuberance in Couldn't find a trace of it. It just explains #WhyPM.

  3. Susannah Fox says:

    In case you’re interested in identifying some of the voices included in the video, here is who they interviewed:

    Patricia Flatley Brennan, R.N., Ph.D., Lillian L. Moehlman Bascom Professor, School of Nursing and College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and National Program Director, Project HealthDesign

    Dr. Tom Delbanco, M.D., Richard and Florence Koplow-James Tullis Professor of General Medicine and Primary Care; Chief, Division of General Medicine and Primary Care Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Project Director, OpenNotes

    Stephen Downs, S.M., Assistant Vice President for Health and Pioneer Portfolio team member, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    David Eddy, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and Chief Medical Officer Emeritus of Archimedes

    Thomas Goetz, executive editor of Wired magazine and the author of the book, The Decision Tree

    James Ralston, M.D., M.P.H., practicing internist and investigator at Group Health Cooperative and at the University of Washington in Seattle, Project HealthDesign

    Paul Tarini, M.A., Team Director of the Pioneer Portfolio, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Steve Woloshin, M.D., M.S., professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and in clinical practice in the VA Outcomes Group at the White River VA in White River Junction Vermont; Project Director, Drug Facts Boxes

    For more info, see:
    Pioneer at TED2010

  4. Susannah,

    what I liked the most about the video is that although the names are well known they are all saying the same things we have all been saying in countless forums in the last few years. It’s clearly one step closer in becoming part of mainstream medicine.

    And that’s why it is my favorite video describing participatory medicine.


    you said “Health (and healthcare) decisions don’t just involve a doc and a patient”. You are NICE!

    I believe, like Tom did, that most health care decisions are made by patients without any interaction with a health professional. And that is why ACOR is so useful. It just does well what people have always been doing naturally. ACOR is disruptive because it is part of the natural flow of care that most health professionals know virtually nothing about.

  5. Matthew Holt says:

    I love the people, the text, the concept

    But that video makes me feel sick–and I survived Avatar in 3D. Worse it reminds me of the Motrin Mom video

    • :-)

      I promise, if you watch it a few times you’ll feel great for the next day.. You’ll feel even better if you listen to it.

      I don’t disagree with you Matthew. But if you pay attention to the last 1/3, you’ll see it’s really good.

  6. SusannahFox says:

    "We need to design a better health care system" – new video from @pioneerrwjf #WhyPM #TED

  7. […] a doctor-patient dialogue that doesn't simply end once the physician le… 6 Tweets Data-Driven, Patient-Centered Health Care: A #WhyPM Video | From our friends at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneer Portfolio, the best #WhyPM short […]

  8. Becca Camp says:

    RT @ePatientDave: RT @claudiawilliams: RT @msaxolotl Data driven patient centered healthcare graphic….I love this:

  9. Great video. Frames the overall problem and discussion well.

    Look forward to seeing what solutions are out there. The current paradigm is broken…but we need real tools to displace it.

  10. ePatientDave says:

    RT @claudiawilliams: RT @msaxolotl Data driven patient centered healthcare graphic….I love this:

  11. While health is wealth most of our people no good health and it is the reality that they have no wealth to keep health well. To keep good health we also need wealth. Health is wealth? Not always that!

  12. Becca Camp says:

    To note: no female voices.

    • Becca Camp says:

      Retracted! I overlooked Patricia Brennan. However, it’s still a bit skewed.

      • Becca,

        By all means, round up more visionary women and bring ’em to us (and to RWJF, creator of the video). We’re eager to have more people of all stripes pitch in, as Society members and as Journal authors, subscribers, and reviewers.

        As one data point, here’s the current editorial team for the Journal of Participatory Medicine.

        Society membership levels are described here

        The Journal’s registration page is here including checkboxes to volunteer as an author and/or reviewer.

        (That has nothing to do with RWJF but I hear clearly that you’re an activist, so go for it: be the change you want to see in the world.)

  13. Mike Baldwin says:

    RT @janicemccallum: Data-Driven Healthcare – new video from @pioneerrwjf via @SusannahFox /Like the content & the …

  14. ben says:

    Am I the only one that finds this video to be a bit of meaningless marketing-babble? What are they suggesting here? I heard no actual real ideas, just lots of flashy buzzwords and animation.


    • Ben,

      I don’t know the folks who did this, but from my own experience introducing these concepts to people of all different backgrounds, here’s my impression:

      This is a good, clear, accurate and concise quick introduction to the whole idea of data-driven, patient-centered participatory care.

      For people like you and me this may be obvious. But in my experience, for many it’s an uncomfortable, questionable idea. And for others it’s a downright disturbing and unacceptable idea. (“Some of them are horrified,” as one voice says.)

      “We’re at the very early stages of this revolution,” as the last voice says. That exactly matches my experience.

    • So Ben,

      unimpressed means you must have some cool ideas of your own. How would you describe patient empowerment and its impact on the system in 2 minutes? There is always room for one additional YouTube video.

  15. RT @ePatientDave (via @gfry): Love this! #WhyPM #pioneerdata video fr. @pioneerrwjf Data-Driven, Patient Ctrd Health Care

  16. Diverse reactions to @pioneerrwjf video, Data-Driven Patient-Ctrd Health Care on #pioneerdata

  17. I love it! I want everyone I know to watch this:)

  18. Steve Downs says:

    It’s great to see the video getting some play and conversation here. We made it for a couple of reasons — to demonstrate our interest and commitment to the issue and also to stimulate a broader conversation about data-driven, patient-centered care at the TED conference (where we were a co-sponsor) and online. I agree that there’s not much terribly new here (we’re definitely standing on the shoulders of giants), but we wanted to pull it together in a way that would engage an audience that’s maybe less familiar with some of the concepts. (So share and share like crazy!)

    Thanks Gilles for posting and Susannah for the providing the speaker info. And Matthew, we really didn’t want to make you sick. But it’s not easy making eight talking heads look interesting!

    • Exactly, Steve!

      I think what you have done is really brilliant because it has a very clear narrative, uses simple language and sentences and succeeds to convey you are talking about a change of energy.

      A great way to introduce this concept that disturbs so many (I honestly wonder what’s disturbing about it, but that’s another story).

      And having RWJF promote it is a great gift you are making to all of us. Thanks again!

  19. Deborah Bell says:

    For those of us who are familiar with these concepts, the video may seem a bit simplistic. But what is important is to somehow involve doctors so that they perceive the true value to their patients.

    I think doctors are tired: tired of the system, of the endless red tape, etc. that keeps them from the practice of medicine……. that keeps them from focussing on their patients’ care.

    If we manage to change the system so that patient care is their primary focus, so that their administrative time and expense is not in excess of their actual patient time – we will improve the system dramatically.

    For those doctors who are threatened by knowledgeable patients (such as the acor cohort), I say – get over it! We should all be working together to improve patient care.

  20. ePatientDave says:

    @rsholman Dude, don't you subscribe to Keep up! :-)

  21. eppie w.. says:

    I liked this video. It was simple, to the point, and true.

  22. ePatientDave says:

    @epatientGR Yes, @GFry posted that RWJF video on two weeks ago

  23. Pieter Peach says:

    RT @jourpm: Data-Driven, Patient-Centered Health Care: A #WhyPM Video

  24. RT @PieterPeach: RT @jourpm: Data-Driven, Patient-Centered Health Care: A #WhyPM Video

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