Healthcare’s Privacy Problem (Hint: It’s Not What You Think It Is )

Lygeia Riccardi’s post today on The Health Care Blog begins: I recently applied for life insurance. The broker, whom I’ve never met, asked about my health history. “So you’ve just had a baby,” he began. I asked him how he knew. “You’re on Twitter.”

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One Response to “Healthcare’s Privacy Problem (Hint: It’s Not What You Think It Is )”

  1. Boy, take a look at this comment, on that THCB post:

    Rape Victims Choice – Risk AIDS or Insurance in the Future

    One of the most difficult privacy cases often happens to women who have been raped. If they take the recommended prophylactic AIDS drugs to prevent HIV they will essentially make themselves uninsurable in the future.

    IMO, insurance companies who would do that have no soul. This is one step away from the honor killings inflicted on rape victims by some Muslim societies.

    I wonder, will the health bill just passed affect this?? Talk about injustice! To the point of outrage.

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