What my mom takes to the doctor

I was talking to Mom (age 80) the other night, and she mentioned a document she updates regularly. She prints a fresh copy to take to every doctor visit, so they’ll always have it up to date and won’t have to go digging.

We’ve never discussed topics like “the importance of med reconciliation,” but when she sent it I got a little insight into who I am. :–)

    What Dave's mom takes to every doctor visit

  • Medications (prescription and over-the-counter), including dosage and when she takes them
  • Who prescribed them and for what condition
  • Full contact info for every care provider including her acupuncturist
  • Contact info for local family members and neighbors, including who has a key to the house and the garage door code

She keeps a copy on the fridge, too, a trick she learned from EMTs during Dad’s declining years. If they get called for an emergency and you’re unconscious when they arrive, it can be important. She adds that she “Should, but don’t, also have there the ORIGINAL of any orders like a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), to make their job easier in the event of…..”

Gosh, Mom, you make me proud! ♥


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  1. RT @ePatientDave: She makes me so proud :) … new post: What My Mom Takes To Every Doctor Visit http://is.gd/bn6OH

  2. She makes me so proud :) … new post: What My Mom Takes To Every Doctor Visit http://is.gd/bn6OH

  3. Shefaly says:

    Read: Smart patients, if you are vexed by the NHS database, then you need to be like this lady http://is.gd/bn6OH (via @ePatientDave)

  4. LMBO at @MeredithGould's comment on "What my mom takes to every doctor visit" http://is.gd/bn6OH One word, LMBO.

  5. Hi Dave,

    This is great that your mom carries an updated medical history with her each time she visits her doctor.

    As a registered nurse, I see firsthand how many patients are unprepared. In obtaining admission histories, many people don’t even know the names of the medications they take—for some reason they like to describe them, “a little white pill” etc…

    I created a Personal Medical History and Medication Form for people to carry with them. (As a medical contributor to REAL SIMPLE magazine, this was my number one tip. To always carry a list of your medications and medical history form with you in case of an emergency and for your next doctor’s visit.)

    The form is a 6×4 so women can carry it in a photo wallet. It’s great for moms too, they can have a copy for them and for their kids, spouse, significant other, etc….Men can simply fold, and carry in their wallet….

    I know moms and dads that carry it, elderly folks and even college kids—they have it with them just in case they end up in an ER or so they’re prepared for their doctor’s visit. Even if some people don’t take medications, it has a place for emergency contact info etc…

    To print out your free medical history form, you can download at Healthin30.com.




    Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA
    Executive Producer of Health in 30® Radio Show, Founder Healthin30.com, and blogger for Huffingtonpost.com

  6. John Sharp says:

    What my Mom takes to the doctor by @ePatientDave http://bit.ly/crWozv – see also med history form if you don't have PHR http://bit.ly/9tLPQA

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