Health Geek Radio: Adam Bosworth’s Straight Talk Express

Adam Bosworth of Keas delivered quite a lecture yesterday at the Alliance for Healthcare Foundation. He talks about how Americans don’t really like data (but they need it), why “frugal innovation” is the best path for start-ups, how e-Patient Dave shook up the EHR world, why health privacy legislation would kill patient-driven research, and why texting is way more promising than any smartphone app.

I call this “health geek radio” because you should just listen while you are doing other things – the visuals aren’t great.


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  1. SusannahFox says:

    @2healthguru Is that you at the start of the Bosworth Straight Talk Express? Blogged it too: #hit

  2. @SusannahFox yeppers! and thanks for the blog post at e-patients ~ #hit

  3. […] to the number of people who will ever want to crunch data. See, for example, Adam Bosworth’s recent speech, in which he says most Americans don’t want data per se, but want to know how it fits in to […]

  4. […] class, she noted the content Adam offered was worth a listen and bucketed the event in the ‘health geek radio‘ […]

  5. SusannahFox says:

    @EndoGoddess What is a health geek? It's our tribe: anyone interested in health + tech (anyone who'd listen to :)

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