“Blogs are the foundation in a world of streams”

Fascinating post by Louis Gray, reflecting on the transient nature of much of social media.


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  1. Annie Stith (@Gr8fulAnnie) says:

    Hey, Dave!

    I appreciate you pointing out the post. It was an interesting read, tho there’s one thing I would add, rather than actually disagree with.

    I do believe social media is transient based on attention–I’ve left different venues myself when attention tapers off, then dwindles to nothing.

    I also agree that there is a degree of additional permanence for a blog. Having worked with data and computers and servers (et al), I understand how impermanent automated data can also be. Internet hosts can be sold as easily as social media companies. And if one doesn’t stay active with a provider, they will eventually purge your entire blog.

    I would say that the highest level of permanence one can achieve on the Internet is not in the words that we leave anywhere on the medium itself, but in the change it affects on the people who read it, whether they contribute to the conversation or not.

    I may jump around on social media, but those are the blogs to which I stay true–the ones that affect me, especially if they inspire me to change myself to something grander, which will inspire the people around me.


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