e-Patient Connections 2010

Kevin Kruse and his team have put together another incredible event in Philadelphia: e-Patient Connections 2010.

Follow the tweets by searching for #epatcon or read the excellent summaries being written in real-time by Leigh Householder and Seth Quillin on the blog What’s Your Digital IQ?

Definitely watch the curtain-raiser video, starring our own e-Patient Dave:

Hopefully more videos will be online soon, but in the meantime, here are the slides for my talk: Chronic Disease in the Internet Age. If anyone else has slides, notes, or anything else related to share, please add them in the comments.


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3 Responses to “e-Patient Connections 2010”

  1. Susannah Fox says:

    Just noticed that Leigh is also posting on her blog, Advergirl:

    ePatient conference: Ten most memorable quotes and stats

    What should the new innovation chief at Pfizer focus on? Seriously, he wants to know.

    ePatient conference: Ten big ideas

  2. Kevin Kruse says:

    Susannah, thanks for your post and for your participation at the conference. In my role as host I went for the easy laugh with my joke about “Love Connections 2011” but hopefully you know I REALLY enjoyed your presentation. It was very different from any of your other talks. You brought your A-game (of course) and “connected” with the participants in a way that was unexpected. The Data Girl discussing the ROI of Love. I love it.

    – Kevin

    • Susannah Fox says:

      I was very happy to bring some love to the stage, along with data!

      Your laugh line had a ring of truth to it, too — a conference about the power of love in the pursuit of health would be fascinating. It is one piece of the concept driving a panel I’m moderating next week in San Francisco: “Behavior Change, Health 2.0 & The Unmentionables.” See: http://www.health2con.com/sf2010/agenda/

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