NPR: Three Tips for Picking a Better Doctor

On Monday NPR’s Scott Hensley posted: “Between the Internet and all the data insurance companies and the government collect on doctors, you’d think it would be a lot easier than it used to be to find a good one. But it’s not.” Sound familiar around here? See his thoughts.

(Thanks to friend Cindy Johnson for the tip.)


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  1. Patricia D'Ambrosio says:

    My brother, an ethicist who works w/emerging economies importing pharma advised me to find a patient association when I couldn’t find a doctor who could DX me accurately. Not only did I get the info I needed to find a doctor and my DX, but I learned a great deal about meds, surg, doctors, and alternative therapies on these sites. Today I’m a leader for the American Pain Foundation, developing a web app for facial pain, blog daily and work w/several pt associations.

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