Six US health systems to share data

For those who believe in the power of facts, some wonderful news from CMIO, 12/15/10: “Six of the nation’s leading healthcare systems — Cleveland Clinic, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Denver Health, Geisinger Health SystemIntermountain Healthcare and Mayo Clinic — will join the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice in a collaboration to improve healthcare quality while reducing costs.

“The six healthcare systems, with a combined patient population of more than 10 million people, will share data on outcomes, quality and costs across a range of common and costly conditions and treatments. The group will determine best practices for delivering care for these conditions and will disseminate actionable recommendations to providers and health systems across the U.S.”

Full text here. Thanks to the always excellent ICMCC for the tip.

(p.s. Anybody know if other systems, like Kaiser and Harvard, were invited?)


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  1. Gerald Theis says:

    Now all they need is an interoperable, remote digital device and think “outside the box” or rather outside of their “network” and provide the patient with a 24/7 emergency preparedness digital device and transmittal system so when a member has a medical emergency their personal health record will be securely transmitted anywhere anytime. The consumer needs to be empowered as these provider-driven HIT moves to improve quality care.

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