An ode to health data rights

Fun for Friday: David Hale singing an ode inspired by Regina Holliday and e-Patient Dave:


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  1. Thank you David for writing and performing this! It is brilliant! And thank you Susannah for posting it to E. Patients. And thank you Dave for inspiring word, as they are responsible for at least two art pieces at this point…

    It really doesn’t seem like we are asking for all that much when our demand is accompanied by a Uke.

  2. We had fund burning this one. David is referring to the jam session for Dr. Steven Eisenberg @drseisenberg, aka ‘San Diego’s singing doctor’ (clip to follow). Also cameos in this clip: Gilles Frydman, @gfry (stage left), Chris Mahoney, @chrismahoney, background, and gracious Rady School of Management host Barbra Blake. Filmed, edited, and published by yours truly, Gregg Masters aka @2healthguru

  3. Make that…’we had fun…’

  4. David Hale says:

    Regina and Dave, it’s your stories and passion that inspired this! And thanks Greg and Susannah!

    Here are the words, chords, and credits for the song it’s based on, My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua Hawai`i – Bill Cogswell, Tommy Harrison & Johnny Noble – Copyright 1933, 1961 Miller Music Corp.

  5. David,

    I thought you were cool before…. Wow – Thank you!!!!!


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