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I received an email the other day containing the following question:

Are you aware of any randomized trials – in progress, or published – that examined the impact of social networking web 2.0, etc. on patient-level variables (e.g., improved rates of preventive health care, cancer screening, diabetes care, etc)?

My answer:

I haven’t done a recent literature search, but if I did, I’d start at the following sites:

I would also look at the presenters and innovators affiliated with these organizations and events:

Let’s help out this researcher. Where else would you look for publications or reports of trials in progress? Please add them in the comments.


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  1. Eric says:

    Check out the journal Health Affairs:

  2. Erica Holt says:

    NIH announced late last year a series of trials testing technology’s role in helping young adults achieve healthy weights:

    Seven trials are listed. You should be able to find many of them on, or through the links and contacts in the news release. From what I can tell by searching, as I don’t know personally, many of the trials are not yet recruiting.

    For example:
    SMART: A Social and Mobile Weight Control Program for Young Adults:

    Choosing Healthy Options in College Environments and Settings (CHOICES):

  3. Marcela Musgrove says:

    From my Consumer Health informatics class:
    Evaluation of an Internet Support Group for Women
    with Primary Breast Cancer by Andrew J. Winzelberg et al 2002

    Health related virtual communities and electronic support groups:
    systematic review of the effects of online peer to peer interactions Gunther Eysenbach et al BMJ VOLUME 328 15 MAY 2004

  4. Susannah Fox says:

    More input from Twitter, since I can’t seem to get some folks to make the jump:

    Patricia Levi, aka @songuest, wrote:

    Look at JAMIA

    or CIN:

    Another vote came in for from Dianne Rees, aka @Callooh:

    Wld actually try the database….

  5. Dyanne Cano says:

    I am working on a graduate thesis examining mobile messaging efforts for teens of color with Type 2 diabetes, and I think these resources may be helpful for your needs:

    CDC’s social media toolkit with good references at the end

    Online social networking by patients with diabetes: a qualitative evaluation of communication with Facebook

    What social media offers to health professionals and citizens(good references at the end)

    A really helpful database

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