Rating the Better Business Bureau

Thanks to SPM member Janice McCallum for this tweet: “Required reading for all HC & doc rating sites: RT @infocommerce: Rating the BBB.” Good, concise depiction of the perils of creating an evaluation system.


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  1. Dave,
    Thanks for retweeting the link and posting it here, too.

    My colleague, Russell Perkins, is “the man” on the topic of ratings, rankings, and recommendations on product and service sites. In our view, the 3Rs should help buyers make better decisions about vendors and service providers. If ratings are biased, they lose their value. But, it’s not an easy task to compile sufficient numbers of ratings that reflect a broad enough population of consumers. This has certainly been the case with sites that rate doctors.

    As is the case with all information, it is always important to “consider the source”. Who is publishing the information and what are their interests in publishing the information?

    For anyone interested in ratings and rankings, I recommend following Russell Perkins @infocommerce and checking out the infocommerce.com website.

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