First Diagnosing Mole iPhone app

Well, it was bound to happen.

Skin Scan is a new iPhone app that purports to analyze your moles for evidence of malignancy — all in the application itself through its own proprietary algorithms. Just take a few photos over time, and it will analyze their patterns and growth for signs that the mole is or isn’t something to worry about.

With a couple of dermatologists on the company’s board, it seems like it could be an interesting and helpful app for those who want to track their mole growth. But, as the company reminds users, it is for “informational purposes only.”

Would you Take Medical Advice from An iPhone?


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  1. […] of delivering medical care will develop.  For example, this week also saw the introduction of the “Skin Scan,” an iPhone app which allows you to follow the growth of your moles and uses a “proprietary […]

  2. Jen says:

    This sounds prettyy awesome indeed. I am a big admirer of iPhone apps, myself! :)

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