We’ve changed!

We’ve updated this blog’s design template so it’s more clearly a member of the SPM family.

Specifically, we’re now using a color-modified version of our Journal of Participatory Medicine‘s template, which is a lot slicker and more modern than this blog’s previous template, which we’ve used since 2008.

(A note for branding geeks: at first, as this blog’s manager and as a marketing / branding guy myself, I was hesitant to change our blog’s well established identity. But in recent months SPM has earned a strong reputation, and it’s now clear to me that this move will fortify both JoPM and the blog.)

At some later point ParticipatoryMedicine.org will have a similar makeover. The unified identity was the original design plan, managed in 2009 by JoPM’s then-managing-editor Sarah Greene, now editor-in-chief at The Scientist in London.

Enjoy! And thanks to Society e-host John Grohol for his work in implementing this, and others on the journal and blog team who helped.



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5 Responses to “We’ve changed!”

  1. Nice! So glad you did this. Quite frankly, I never quite understood the connection. Amazing how integrated design makes it more clear. Duh Department.

  2. Whitney says:

    Congrats on the site change!

  3. kgapo says:

    Congratulations! Yes, the make-over is worth the change! I am a usability fan and I can tell you that the present design is equally good for geeks and newbies (by the way in patient orgs blogs and websites I take care more of the needs of the latter group!!).
    I agree with Meredith that the link with the Society of Participatory Medicine was not obvious from first sight in the previous template. It’s much better to “see” the connection…
    Wish to all the e-patients.net contributors continued success under the new design..

  4. We were indeed very lucky to have the expertise of Sarah Greene and Ash Shairzay when we decided to:

    1. make JoPM a contemporary looking journal and
    2. design for a unified look with e-patients.

    Ash is a brilliant designer who produces very good looking and easy to use UIs for a large number of scientifically oriented websites. He is one of the best I have seen.

    It took a while but I am delighted to finally see the current web team implement this custom-designed WP template.

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