“Physicians, Patients and the Internet”: good article in Physicians Practice magazine

Associate Editor Aubrey Westgate has a good, solid new piece in the March Physicians Practice magazine about interacting with patients who get engaged with their care by seeking health information on the internet. SPM member Trisha Torrey of Every Patient’s Advocate is prominently featured, along with data from the Pew Internet and American Life project and remarks from me and others. Full page layout version is here; my Droid phone wasn’t able to display it, but at top there’s a “Text View” link that worked.


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  1. Dave,

    Excellent article for patients as well as providers for the best internet practices for obtaining quality health/medicine resources. I have developed a web site, Knowledgeofmedicine.com, that has collected the best medical,academic resources on the web. Health care is very complex requiring input from the many diverse communities on the web. I hope that my growing efforts will be helpful to all health/medical web searchers.

    Harlan R. Weinberg, MD, FCCP

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