Robert P. Krause dies, age 90 – was an engaged patient for 85 years

Twitter friend @Scanman submitted this one. Robert Krause was diagnosed with diabetes in 1926, at age 5, shortly after insulin was introduced. What a story of a patient who was engaged in his care – starting at age 6. He died this month, just before turning 91. The tweet:

Truly inspiring. An empowered patient before the term was invented, @ePatientDave. Robert P. Krause diabetic for 85 yrs:


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  1. As a Type 1 diabetic myself, the simple act of diagnosis itself plants us pretty firmly in e-patient arena. We are responsible for the day-in day-out tasks required for our very survival. We process so many numbers and actions during any given day that we really have no choice. Our endocrinologists may know about diabetes in general, but we Type 1’s will always know OUR diabetes better.

    I wrote a three part series on my blog a couple of years ago that cover a day in the life, so to speak. Part 1 is at

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