Technology Enables Collaborative Doctor-Patient Relationships

SPM member and Bay Area writer Eve Harris looks at information technology’s role in promoting participatory medicine on KQED’s State of Health blog. Harris discusses tools familiar to most e-patients, but what’s really noteworthy here is the evidence that more physicians are recognizing the value of these patient-empowerment tools, contributing to a trend toward patient-centered, collaborative medicine.


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One Response to “Technology Enables Collaborative Doctor-Patient Relationships”

  1. This is encouraging information. Pro-active people are the early adopters that are beginning to feel the inertial of the big wheel of medicine begin to move.

    I’m a proponent of having a healthy life transformation happen also. More needs to be done to define “healthy” better and use technology to set some meaningful metrics and attitudes for greater attention to all the time people are on the continuum of healhty-ness.

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