Storify feed from Health FOO this weekend

Here’s a quick starter note – I hope to say more later.

Health FOO is a by-invitation “unconference” from O’Reilly Media and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation this weekend at Microsoft’s development center in Cambridge, MA.  SPM members I’ve seen so far include past president and founder Alan Greene MD, founder and ACOR founder Gilles Frydman, Marya Zilberberg MD, and Lygeia Ricciardi (Consumer Engagement guru at HHS)… others of you, ping me and I’ll add you here – wonderfully, we now have more members than I know!

Here’s the full transcript and analytics on Symplur’s Healthcare Hashtags project.  As a subset of that, here’s my hand-picked Storify feed – things I find interesting, in no particular order.  (If you get this in RSS or email and can’t see it, click to come online.) I’ll be updating it as we go along, so come back and refresh later.

p.s. Sometimes the feed takes a while to update here – you can always see the latest here on



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  1. Katherine says:

    Glad for the post. You can also embed the storify here in the blog space. Go the storify page and in the top right hand corner, click on the “embed” section to get the code then past the code in the blog where you want (with the HTML editor on).

    Glad for innovation, imagination and collaboration at #HealthFoo


    • I did, Katherine – but it disappeared. I fixed it.

      It turns out there’s a huge conflict between WordPress and the way Storify publishes using “

  2. kgapo says:

    Dave symplur doesn’t show anything! it says come back later…

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