“Vote No on Suffrage: 90% don’t care”

Vote No on Suffrage flyer

Oh lordy, do I love this U.S. Election Day tidbit. Translate all the ideas from men/women to doctor/patient, and you’ll have the response I sometimes get when I lecture about participatory medicine.

Thanks to one of SPM’s newer members, Cristin Croghan Lind, for posting this on Facebook. For source-hunters, here’s a Google Search on the title.


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3 Responses to ““Vote No on Suffrage: 90% don’t care””

  1. Carla Berg says:

    Priceless! (she said in the most ironic sense)

  2. e-Patient Dave says:

    I later learned that this was part of the astounding post on Amusing Planet 45 Vintage Sexist Ads That Wouldn’t Go Down Well Today. If you want an education about culture change and paradigm shift, read it. Almost all of it was within my lifetime, too, so don’t say culture can’t change!

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