Heads up: New Pew Internet report coming out tomorrow

The report was issued overnight – see Susannah’s post here about it, media coverage (via Google), and blogs.

I’m stealing some Susannah Fox thunder here because I can’t wait, and you should carve out a spot in your calendar tomorrow. Here’s her tweet just now:

New @pewinternet health data tomorrow! 7am ET = full report on pewinternet.org and my blog post on e-patients.net – can’t wait!

Pew data is always big news. The movement we cover on this blog – engaged patients, doctor-patient partnerships, online patients and communities – has constantly been beset with rumors, blind guesses, and uninformed speculation about who’s doing what and what it means. One once-over-lightly PR firm talks about engaged online patients as “cyberchondriacs,” an ignorant term that connotes imaginary illness; some observers hear stories good and bad outcomes and guess at inferences, which is reasonable if you don’t have data.

And that’s where Pew Research comes in. They have a strict policy of only reporting the facts, not speculating on what it all means. (Susannah refers to herself as an “internet geologist” – “I count the rocks.”)

If you’ve heard important reality metrics like

  • 85% of U.S. adults use the internet
  • 80% of internet users look online for health information
  • 31% of cell phone owners, and 52% of smartphone owners, have used their phone to look up health or medical information

… or the term “peer to peer healthcare,” know that they’re Pew data, all summarized for quick reference in Susannah’s “tip sheet” at http://bit.ly/PewHealthTips, including trends over time.

Evangelists like me add commentary to make our case, for instance: “Look, everyone’s doing it – we can’t stop it, so we should get with the program and help people improve their skills.” That’s our role; Pew just delivers the facts. Pay attention.:)


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  1. Susannah Fox says:

    Thanks, Dave! So psyched about bringing this data to the public conversation.

    I’m very happy to say that there’s been so much media interest that we’re going to publish the report at 12:01am tomorrow (just after midnight tonight).

    I’m also very happy to provide sneak preview copies of the report to bloggers. Please email me: sfox at pewinternet.org (and if you don’t hear back, give me a call: 202 419 4511).

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