“Stetho-Snopes”: MightyCasey calls for medical myth-busting

On Saturday I spotted the weekly top ten post from Snopes.com, the fabulous rumor-checking site, with the ten rumors that gave them the most activity last week. I thought “Man, I sure wish there was a site that reliable for medical information on the internet,” and posted:

People often ask how patients can avoid stupid advice on the internet. How about we get a Snopes for medical rumors?

Then a brain flash hit me – heck, as we’ve blogged here, there’s so much unreliable information in the medical literature, we need one for that, too:

(And while we’re at it, add one for clinical trials that have never been verified by another lab team…)

It took about two instants for media/marketing wizard “Might Casey” Quinlan (an SPM member, of course) to shoot back:


I said she had to blog that idea, and BOY did she – linking to many examples of the need, from this site and others. You can read it on her site: Stetho-Snopes: Time for some rigorous myth-busting in healthcare?




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  1. Danny Sands says:

    Steven Salzberg’s blog is a good start. His latest, about treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee, is great: http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevensalzberg/2013/06/24/what-works-for-knee-pain-dont-waste-your-money-on-bad-medicine/

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