Peer-to-peer health care is a slow idea that will change the world

“The most exciting innovation of the connected health era is…people talking with each other.”

This is the essential point of a post that is garnering some great comments on my personal blog. I weave together concepts I developed in my work at the Pew Research Center and on this blog and I’d love for the community to join in the conversation.


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3 Responses to “Peer-to-peer health care is a slow idea that will change the world”

  1. Nurse says:

    The healthcare field has really changed!

  2. Lisa Engle says:

    Powerful public affirmation of my work ~ thank you!

  3. The point of home health care is to take care of an illness, injury, or other ailment. The idea of Peer-to-peer health care is to get your independence, confidence, and self-sufficient behavior back on target as quickly as possible in your own environment.

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