Regina Holliday: The Walking Gallery film

Regina Holliday and her Walking Gallery project are featured in a new short film. Here it is:

The Walking Gallery of Healthcare from Eidolon Films on Vimeo.

How a movement begins…


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5 Responses to “Regina Holliday: The Walking Gallery film”

  1. e-Patient Dave says:

    Yes! And it should be noted that this film was crowdfunded on MedStartr!

    It was approved on June 18, and five months later it’s reality. I love it!

  2. Mary Case says:

    I was doing recon to decide of Kaiser might be a good place for me to sign up for coverage last week and ran into Dr. Eytan, wearing his painted jacket. He told me the story and connected me to this site and others. Should I sign with Kaiser? With people like him there? Ah, yes, I should. Also, I was hooked from the moment I walked in and the security guard was kind, knowledgable, and helpful.

  3. Healthy Life says:

    Love this! Well done Eidolon Films and of course Regina!

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