Uri Goren TedxHIT video: Patients are Not Empty Carriages

Uri Goren is the General Manager of e-Pochonderiac a blog about healthcare and digital technology and also a digital health consultancy and agency working in Israel to support digital health in the local health and pharmaceutical industry and to promote the roll of the patient in the healthcare ecosystem. This venture has begun from a professional standpoint as a communication and digital professional working with industry and in it for the past 13 years, but also from a personal standpoint as one who accompanied his father in his battle with cancer. Uri holds a B.A in Communication and Management from the College of Management and an M.A in Philosophy and Digital Culture from the Tel Aviv University. Uri is a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine and the Israeli chapter of Health 2.0.

Uri presented a talk at TEDxHIT: Uri Goren: Patient are not an empty carriage Here’s a brief description about the talk:

Through my personal experience as a caregiver for my father during his fight with Lymphoma and also my professional experience I came to realize that patients hold the key to transforming healthcare. In this talk I try to bring this point through a metaphor taken from the history of Israel, and also emphasize the role of digital tools as a having a key role in the transformation needed.




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  1. Thank you for this great post. I completely agree that “patients hold the key to transforming healthcare” and have worked to inform, engage and empower patients and their loved ones with information. I feel strongly that this is a required first step in giving patients the confidence and the authority they need to impact healthcare safety and quality. The Empowered Patient Coalition could use the society’s help in spreading awareness about our many patient education resources which include a hospital guide, patient journal, decision support web app, iphone and Android apps, fact sheets and checklists and others. Patients and their advocates need these resources – I know because I was one of the people struggling at the bedside to keep my loved one safe. These are the resources that would have been a game-changer for me all those years ago.

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