Keeping Patients in the Dark: SIIPC14



Several SPM members were in attendance at the recent SIIPC14 conference at Dartmouth, where the ongoing work on healthcare system transformation  has been the source of much great content on over the years.

Casey Quinlan – yes, yours truly – has put up a post on the Mighty Mouth blog that gives one woman’s perspective on the conversation in the room and on Twitter during the conference, and in some precincts since.

The 3rd graf of the post:

The medical-industrial complex has, for eons, kept its customers (commonly called “patients”) in Mushroom Land pretty consistently. For a very long time, that was facilitated by a lack of access to scientific knowledge for the common human, but that started to shift in the 19th and 20th centuries, as public education rose across most parts of the globe. Of course, “math phobia” and “science denial” are still pernicious little devils, but the average person with an 8thgrade literacy level and an internet connection can find out about just about anything.


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  1. e-Patient Dave says:

    Casey, you understate (! you??!) the value of your post and the significance, IMO, of this event. :) And btw, can we list all the SPM members who were there? I’ll start (with my feeble memory) and we’ll add the ones I left out.

    1 Casey (you)
    2 Ileana Balcu (SPM board member at large)
    3 Glyn Elwyn (one of the event’s organizers)
    4 me
    5 Geri Lynn Baumblatt
    6 Elizabeth Rankin
    7 Stuart Grande (works at the Dartmouth Center)

    That’s ~5% of the event (including 2 speakers) as SPM members!

    And corporate member Emmi Solutions.

    And former member Kathy Day.

    Who’d I miss??

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