Susannah Fox is leaving Pew Research

I know many of our readers already saw this, but, from her personal blog:

Screen capture from her blog post

In one way, I’m sad to see that her work at Pew is over. In her 14 years there, time after time her work made clear what was actually happening as people use the internet in pursuing health. Time after time this popped a rumor balloon.

But though she’s leaving Pew, her work continues: her post says she’s writing a book (! … can’t wait to read that), and she has a new part time gig at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. I can’t imagine a better place – RWJF has been pivotal to our movement: they funded the e-Patient White Paper by our founder “Doc Tom” Ferguson, and they’re all about creating a culture of health.

Susannah’s 245 blog posts at are here, and her 14 years of work at Pew are here.


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  1. Joe McCarthy says:

    Thanks for the links. The second one appears to be broken. Here’s a link to Susannah’s homepage at Pew:

    Is there a separate link there that leads to the reports she has co-authored over the years? I can’t find anything analogous to the partition on

    • Susannah Fox says:

      Thanks, guys!!

      If you click on a Pew Research report author’s name it links to all their other reports, posts, etc. Here’s mine:

      Caveat: I don’t know what their policy is about former employees – hope they don’t de-link my name, but if they do, the search will work.

      The past few days has been nearly overwhelming, in a wonderful way, as if all the energy I have sent out to our network over the last decade came rushing back at me in one huge wave. It has been an honor to be what I call a public service researcher for the last 14 years, gathering and sharing the best data we could find about the reality of Americans’ lives. I see what I’m doing now — and what I intend to do — as an extension of that. An action-oriented extension.

  2. Ileana Balcu says:

    Is this what you’re looking for Joe?

    I also updated the link in the post. Thanks!

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