Great Marie Ennis-O’Connor infographic on live-tweeting an event

E-patients know that social media can be a potent tool for spreading the movement, spreading the message, and connecting with others. Some of us are better at it than others; if you’re looking for someone to follow who does it well, try SPM member and Medicine-X ePatient Scholar Marie Ennis-O’Connorbio, Twitter @JBBC, website Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer, and column Beyond The Buzz: HealthCare Social Media at Health Works Collective. (See what happens when a PR professional” meets “cancer patient”?)

Marie came to mind just now for this great poster (“infographic”) created by Tim France @FranceTim of @iniscom and Tom Fowler @GlobalHealthTom about using Twitter at events. To visit her original post on the Healthcare Social Media site, click the graphic.


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  1. Thanks for featuring this Dave. I love how we get to bring our diverse skills and expertise to the role of ePatient. Together we are a mighty force!

  2. Pedro Pereira says:

    Really awesome infografic. Thanks!

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