“Extremis”: new Netflix documentary on end of life with Dr. Jessica Zitter

Zitter NY Times screen captureWe’ve often written here about palliative care and end of life. (The two are not the same: you can have palliative care without having decided the end is near.) They’re, in a sense, the ultimate expression of patient-centered care, forcing the question: who gets to say what’s the right thing to do?

One of SPM’s newest members is Dr. Jessica Zitter (@JessicaZitter), author (right) of a post last week on the New York Times “Well” blog, with a recent story of a patient who was clearly dying. It ends:

I believe we did right by our patient. We acknowledged that we couldn’t save her, and resisted the urge to treat her untreatable disease — and instead treated her suffering.

The photo shows Dr. Zitter in a short new documentary on the subject produced by Netflix, “Extremis,” that’s being featured at Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca film festival, underway now.


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  1. Thanks for this ‘alert’. I am such a fan of Dr Zitter @JessicaZitter and look forward to watching on Netflix. Being immersed (as a layperson) in this tricky, emotional topic of end-of-life nuances and decisions, I was so pleased to learn of a decision tool for high-risk surgeries that helps paint a best-case-worst-case-likely-case picture for patients and families. http://www.bestendings.com/dying-in-the-operating-room-rarely-happens/ And, what with physician assisted dying legal in Canada (as of June 6) I’ve been attending every workshop, consultation, town hall I can, resulting in this ‘aha!’ Medical school needs to evolve its perception of ‘harms’ to reflect harms caused by life-prolonging interventions. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/implementation-physician-assisted-death-pad-kathy-kastner/edit

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