Quiz: When was “Enriching the relationship by inviting the patient perspective” published?

Do not go look this up. I’ll post the answer tomorrow.

We on this blog know Dr. Tom Delbanco as, among other things, the “father” of OpenNotes, along with “co-parent” Jan Walker, RN MBA. (For a history lesson, Tom’s also the lead author on the wonderful 2001 paper “Healthcare in a Land Called PeoplePower,” which I wrote about on my personal blog)

Your quiz: (Do not go look this up – THINK!)
When did he publish
the article whose
summary is shown here?

I’ll post the answer tomorrow, with the original paper. Please do think about this before searching.


Here’s the summary at right, broken into paragraphs to help you savor them. When was this written?

Doctors and patients alike are saddened and angered by the distance that increasingly interferes with their interactions.

Two complementary strategies may enhance the human quality of clinical care and improve outcomes.

First, the doctor and patient can undertake a systematic “patient’s review” that addresses seven dimensions of care:

  1. respect for patient’s values, preference, and expressed needs;
  2. communication and education;
  3. coordination and integration of care;
  4. physical comfort;
  5. emotional support and alleviation of fears and anxieties;
  6. involvement of family and friends; and
  7. continuity and transition.

[Pretty good list of aspirations, yes?]

Second, using survey instruments designed to solicit focused reports from patients that address each dimension of care, doctors can gather aggregate feedback about their practices.

Such reports move beyond anecdote and can serve as screening tests that uncover areas in doctors’ practices that merit improvement.

In addition, patients can join doctors in developing solutions to problems uncovered by patients’ reports.

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5 Responses to “Quiz: When was “Enriching the relationship by inviting the patient perspective” published?”

  1. I’m guessing somewhere around 1989-91.

  2. Teresa Masters says:

    IMHO, more than 5 years ago. My awareness of and the academic resistance to Integrative Medicine. Still waiting for an Integrative Oncologist.

  3. Love the quiz ! What an excellent motivation to re-search the domain of memory !

    This is more of a comment than a specific response to the quiz.

    As a “patient” born in a culture which values the “web” of relationships where individual autonomy is interpreted to be only one “thread”in the pattern, the dialectics of diverse perspectives leading to a richer appreciation of life’s ongoing journey has always been a precious learning.

    As a professional engaged in participatory research- I first learned about Paulo Freire in 1973 and then participated in a Commonwealth Conference in New Delhi in 1975 dealing with translational insights distinguishing “extension” (of knowledge) from “communication”
    (impact of dialogues on effective learning). Thus these dates in 70s come to mind.

    But I am not sure when the ideas specific to professional health or medicine started gaining formal recognition. So yes, will wait till tomorrow to know the answer.

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