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Patient and family engagement in hospice decisions – if they’ll let you

One of the highlights of 2011 for me was the introduction in May (see our post) of the Engagement Behavior Framework by SPM member (and JoPM founding co-editor) Jesse Gruman. She and her team methodically identified 43 behaviors to be done by an engaged patient or their proxy, in ten categories: Find Safe, Decent Care […]

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Michael Millenson: When the patient’s wish was irrelevant

We’re thrilled to welcome well-known quality and safety authority Michael Millenson as the newest member of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Here is his first guest post, referring back to his popular article in our Journal. He illustrates how recently the patient’s opinion counted for nothing, citing two horrible stories that were just a century […]

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World AIDS Day

Mark Senak’s post, “World AIDS Day: The Past Cannot Be the Future,” inspired me to write an epic comment about different perspectives on illness and care delivery, so I adapted and expanded it to share here: I recently read Susan Sontag‘s two essays, “Illness as Metaphor” (about TB & cancer, published in 1977) and “AIDS […]

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Kari Ulrich: Experienced from both sides of the bed

This guest post by Kari Ulrich, RN, originally appeared in a fibromuscular dysplasia e-patients’ blog. The November 2011 issue of Reader’s Digest reads in big, bold print, “50 Secrets Nurses Won’t Tell You.” Articles like this create fear and mistrust in the patient community.

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Case Study on ‘Autonomy in Jeopardy’ for Mental Health Patients

The Journal of Participatory Medicine has published a new case study entitled “Autonomy in Jeopardy: Contrasting Participatory Health Models with Patient Decision Making Under Mental Health Law.” The authors examine the problem of how to achieve patient participation in societies where people with mental illness can have their decision making power overridden by mental health […]

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Social media, patients, and physicians: a sticky wicket

Social media is well established in our society and it shows much promise as a tool of patient-physician communication. But despite some cases of good and enriching rapport between patients and physicians in social media, the medical world, on the whole, is still cautiously trying to make sense of social media and how to use […]

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Should More Doctors Participate in Social Media?

I’ve heard this sentiment more than once… “Doctors should participate more in social media. They should be Facebooking and Twittering and Tumblr-ing far more often than they do!” Houston Neal makes the case again over at The Medical Blog, suggesting that because doctors aren’t engaging in social media as much as the ordinary person, they’re […]

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‘Some Worms Are Best Left in the Can’ – Should You Hide Medical Errors?

From Medscape Medical Ethics: Consequences aside, from a strictly ethical perspective, if a patient doesn’t realize that his physician made a mistake, should the physician fess up?… Before you jump to conclusions (as I did!), look at the article’s three parts. It’s about a survey. The title is on the inflammatory side; the article is a […]

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MITSS: Much-needed support after medical errors

Ten years ago this week, 11/18/99, Linda Kenney was scheduled for ankle replacement surgery. She woke up three days later in the ICU. Her chest had been cut open. She was in the hospital ten days. And nobody talked about what had happened. What had happened is that the nerve block administered to her ankle (a […]

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