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Marya Zilberberg: ACOG’s dysmenorrhea FAQs: Evidence of propaganda?

Guest blogger Marya Zilberberg is the author of Between the Lines: Finding the Truth in Medical Literature. She originally posted this piece on her blog Healthcare, etc. I have been looking up information on endometriosis for a friend of mine, and came upon this from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: So I bit […]

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What’s in a (disease) name?

I witnessed an intriguing Twitter conversation between Christy Collins and Greg Biggers about disease names, so I asked Christy to write up her thoughts. It is an honor to host this guest post: By Christy Collins When I started an advocacy and research organization for my daughter’s rare genetic syndrome, I thought I would spend […]

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New SPM Members Bring Magic Levers and Untanglers for Healthcare

This listserv exchange between new Society for Participatory Medicine members is a nice example of how “newbie” e-patients often come to us with decades of experience and well-honed (and well-blogged) philosophies of what healthcare should be and can be.   From: Danny van Leeuwen Subject: Re: Greetings from a new member As a newbie to […]

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SUITS and VOMIT: fun at the ABIM Foundation Forum

As noted a few days ago, I’ve been at the ABIM Foundation Forum. This is, frankly, the most heartening event I’ve been to: the Foundation people are working hard to generate real transformation in the practice of medicine, including the new Choosing Wisely campaign with Consumer Reports, how ABIM certifies doctors in various specialties, etc. […]

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Idelle Davidson: “ASCO, Where Have You Been?”

This guest post by Idelle Davidson originally appeared in the Huffington Post as “ASCO, Where Have You Been? The organization that sets standards for cancer care does not include cognitive issues in their patient consent document.” Last month, I was in Arlington, Va. at the National Cancer Institute’s Sixth Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference. I […]

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Watson: a love story

Before you read this post, think of a time when you had a crush on someone. Think about that swirl of emotions, the highs and the lows. That’s where I was a couple weeks ago, except it wasn’t about a person. I fell hard for Watson, IBM’s hot new outboard brain. I’d heard he was […]

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Nancy Finn: Are You Getting What You Paid For and Is It Worth the Money?

SPM member Nancy B. Finn shares some recent research findings that confirm what many of us suspected about the value patients get out of health care in the U.S. When we go to the supermarket or the store to make a purchase, most of us are concerned about getting what we paid for — a […]

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Let’s Get Medical Info as Good as Our Pets Get! — A Petition

SPM member Ken Farbstein sent us this invitation to help persuade the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to include printed summaries of doctor visits in the ONC’s definition of meaningful use. After our pets go to the veterinarian, many of us promptly and routinely get a paper summary that instructs us […]

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Regina Holliday in Newsweek (Shannon Brownlee on hurried docs and lack of care)

What news to wake up to – SPM’s “resident artist” Regina Holliday is in Newsweek. It’s not a happy story – nothing about her story is – but it’s good to see such things getting the visibility they deserve. The article, by Overtreated author Shannon Brownlee, is The Doctor Will See You – If You’re Quick. […]

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Help TEDMED focus on what patients want. Vote.

Correction 4/12: I’m glad to say that there are in fact several patient speakers at TEDMED. There was a massive communication disconnect in the months leading up to this TEDMED, leading to my impression that there were no patient speakers; I hope to find out how it happened. So I’m editing out those points in […]

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