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Let’s Get Medical Info as Good as Our Pets Get! — A Petition

SPM member Ken Farbstein sent us this invitation to help persuade the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to include printed summaries of doctor visits in the ONC’s definition of meaningful use. After our pets go to the veterinarian, many of us promptly and routinely get a paper summary that instructs us […]

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Regina Holliday in Newsweek (Shannon Brownlee on hurried docs and lack of care)

What news to wake up to – SPM’s “resident artist” Regina Holliday is in Newsweek. It’s not a happy story – nothing about her story is – but it’s good to see such things getting the visibility they deserve. The article, by Overtreated author Shannon Brownlee, is The Doctor Will See You – If You’re Quick. […]

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Help TEDMED focus on what patients want. Vote.

Correction 4/12: I’m glad to say that there are in fact several patient speakers at TEDMED. There was a massive communication disconnect in the months leading up to this TEDMED, leading to my impression that there were no patient speakers; I hope to find out how it happened. So I’m editing out those points in […]

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Nancy Finn: Changes to Health Delivery Are Key to Reducing Costs

Guest blogger, e-patient and SPM member Nancy Finn takes on the tough topic of how to reduce the cost of health care delivery. With all the talk this week about Obamacare and whether or not the Supreme Court will declare the law constitutional, partially unconstitutional, or take no stand, the law will not have a […]

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What’s your health care dream?

  #whatifhc in #TheWalkingGallery   Note: This is two posts in one — scroll down to read Regina Holliday’s point of view. From Susannah Fox: For me, Twitter is a free-wheeling space where people dance with ideas. Anyone is welcome to jump into the spotlight and take a twirl. That’s how I see hashtags – […]

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Medical Devices: Another take on “We want Access to our Damm Data”

Another potent guest post by SPM member Alexandra Albin, @MsAxolotl. If this doesn’t give you a sense of who is “the ultimate stakeholder” in health matters, nothing will. Remember, “patient” is not a third person word. Your time will come. A conversation on the SPM listserve was started by Joleen Chambers, @JjrkCh, a patient advocate […]

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Star Tribune: Simple pharmacy change produces major quality improvement

We often note here that quality improvement in hospitals seems excruciatingly slow to happen, and engaged patients and families need to keep their eyes wide open, because sometimes a fix doesn’t require being a genius. For instance, see the cartoon at right – from 1999, when the Institute of Medicine’s famous report To Err is […]

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Fred Trotter: Data, damn data, and statistics

Why does this blog use the word “damn” so often? A search produces a whopping 38 hits, such as: Fools! Damn fools! And Medical Science (Right, Santa??) Atlantic: Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science “Gimme my damn data!” The stage is being set to enable patient-driven disruptive innovation Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics: Collective Statistical […]

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For some people, it’s still 1994

Here’s a question which inspired me today, received via email from Christie Silbajoris,  director of NC Health Info: My library is rethinking its provision of services to the public.  We’ve got a history of going beyond what the average academic health sciences library provides in this area but in this age of budget cuts (and […]

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Lisa Gualtieri: Must waiting be inherent to medical care?

This guest post by Lisa Gualtieri originally appeared in the author’s health blog. “By the time you see the doctor, you’re either dead or you’re better,” my mother-in-law told me. She had to have multiple tests, all with long waits to get the appointments and the results, before her health insurer would allow her to […]

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