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Surgeon: “Participatory Medicine encourages partnership between patient and provider”

I now ask all my patients, at the end of our visits, “Did I get it? Did I successfully answer your questions and address your fears?” Dr. Marc Katz is a cardiac surgeon in Richmond Virginia. His op-ed, ‘Participatory Medicine’ encourages partnership between patient and provider, appears in today’s Richmond Times Dispatch. This is an […]

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e-Patient Lisa Adams

In this guest blog post, member Carly Medosch describes Lisa Adams whom she knows from social media. Lisa Adams was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and documented her journey in social media. In another post below we describe the media firestorm that was caused by two articles that criticized her efforts. A hashtag was […]

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Thanks from the Philippines

In this guest blog post, member Beatrice Tiangco describes some of the pain and suffering in the Philippines after the typhoon and expresses her gratitude for the SPM, local community and overall support. Beatrice Tiangco is a practicing Medical Oncologist from the Philippines. She is also a Clinical Epidemiologist with a special interest in Personalized […]

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Regina Holliday: The Walking Gallery film

Regina Holliday and her Walking Gallery project are featured in a new short film. Here it is: The Walking Gallery of Healthcare from Eidolon Films on Vimeo. How a movement begins…

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How do we know that social media is important to health care?

A cross-post from… On Friday, I spoke at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, along with Kevin Pho, MD. During a planning call, the symposium organizers had shared results from a faculty survey: Fully two-thirds do not use social tools on a regular basis. Asking them, therefore, to spend a half-day learning about social media […]

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SPM is hiring a Development Director

The Society for Participatory Medicine is hiring and looking for an experienced Director of Development. Are you interested or do you know someone in your network who might be? Here’s the information & instructions on how to apply:  

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Flip the Flip

Guest blogger Natasha Gajewski participated in the Flip the Clinic meeting at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Below are her observations about the meeting and a thought you might consider.  Natasha is an e-Patient and the developer of Symple, a symptom journal for he iPhone. She has been named a 2013 Stanford MedX ePatient scholar, TedMED Frontline […]

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A parent speaks: “Our child’s disease is OUR disease”

Susannah: On June 14, 2013, I attended the National Meeting on Promoting and Sustaining Collaborative Networks in Pediatrics where we discussed topics covered in a special issue of Pediatrics, among other initiatives and trends. Justin Vandergrift was one of the speakers and his words were so compelling that I asked if we could publish them […]

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Caregivers, please share your stories

Caregivers, please share your stories

The Pew Research Center will release a new report about caregivers in June. As we prepare, I’m looking for stories to share with reporters so they can better understand the context for our data. If you have experience caring for a family member, a friend, or a neighbor, either now or in the past, please consider writing […]

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Mother’s Day

We have posted many stories featuring mothers over the years. In celebration of Mother’s Day, a compilation: A Lifetime of Participatory Medicine Can Start With Maternity Care Through the Land of Smoke and Mirrors: An e-Patient’s Odyssey (“Mama Lion” part one) Great news from “Mama Lion” Engelman and daughter (“Mama Lion” part two) The Unwilling […]

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