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Mother’s Day

We have posted many stories featuring mothers over the years. In celebration of Mother’s Day, a compilation: A Lifetime of Participatory Medicine Can Start With Maternity Care Through the Land of Smoke and Mirrors: An e-Patient’s Odyssey (“Mama Lion” part one) Great news from “Mama Lion” Engelman and daughter (“Mama Lion” part two) The Unwilling […]

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Mama birds: Catherine Fairchild Calhoun and Laurie Strongin

On February 29, 2012, Rare Disease Day, I hosted a conversation with Catherine Fairchild Calhoun and Laurie Strongin, two people who have inspired me in my research about the social impact of the internet on health. They have also inspired me personally, finding joy and reasons to laugh when I think I’d just sit down […]

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Are consumers at the bottom of the evidence pyramid?

We’re pleased to present another guest post by Amy Romano, which first appeared on the phenomenal maternity blog Science and Sensibility. See also her newest post, last night, here – including a terrific BlogTalkRadio interview in which she expresses herself on the virtues of Participatory Medicine. I have argued (here and here on, and […]

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Low-Tech Models of Participatory Medicine: The Astounding Results of Group Prenatal Care

A signal moment in the history of this blog was the arrival in late summer of a new ally, the birthing movement, represented by Amy Romano, the blogger at Science and Sensibility, the Lamaze International blog. Amy gets it: participatory medicine is not just about the internet – it’s about being empowered and engaged. Her […]

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A Lifetime of Participatory Medicine Can Start With Maternity Care

As promised yesterday, here is Amy Romano’s guest post for our series leading up to the Oct. 21 launch of the Journal of Participatory Medicine.  Amy is a nurse-midwife and advocate for mother-friendly maternity care. An expert in research analysis, she manages the Science & Sensibility blog for Lamaze International. Follow her on Twitter: @MidwifeAmy. If […]

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