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How do we know that social media is important to health care?

A cross-post from… On Friday, I spoke at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, along with Kevin Pho, MD. During a planning call, the symposium organizers had shared results from a faculty survey: Fully two-thirds do not use social tools on a regular basis. Asking them, therefore, to spend a half-day learning about social media […]

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That is a Real Doctor

Guest blogger Peggy Zuckerman tells us a story about a young competent doctor and how transparency and openness is key to giving better care.  Peggy Zuckerman never intended to be a patient advocate, not even a patient! But after her diagnosis with a “tiny, scabbed-over ulcer”, later determined to be metastatic kidney cancer, she became a patient. […]

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On the road to shared office visits

Guest blogger Peter Elias, MD  describes his journey on opening up his office notes to patients. Peter is a family physician in active primary care practice since 1977, co-founder of a group practice now owned by a hospital-based multi specialty group, with a dedication to patient centric care and interests in behavior and learning, information science, systems […]

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How do (older, lower-income) patients learn?

Rebecka Sexton of the Center For Innovation at the Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, VA, emailed a great question and I’d like to share it more widely: We are working on a project here at Carilion on chronic diseases related to Population Health Management related to COPD. I am specifically working on the education component from […]

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Farewell (seven years ago today), Doc Tom

This morning on Facebook, an SPM member (who were you??) pointed out that it was seven years ago today that “Doc Tom” Ferguson, the visionary who foresaw the e-patient movement, passed away unexpectedly while being treated for multiple myeloma. Click the image (or this) to visit his site for more information, and just to say […]

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“Show Me the Data!” – Eric Topol rocks the #HIMSS13 keynote

Not only did famed cardiologist Eric Topol wear his brand new Regina Holliday “Walking Gallery” jacket this morning, for his major keynote address at the HIMSS health IT conference; he cited several other members of our society, including Hugo Campos. Then he ended with a huge crowd-pleaser: this mash-up of the famous scene in the […]

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Eric Topol at Rock Health

Thanks to Carla Berg for sharing this: Eric Topol was on Rock Center tonight. He talked about the patient empowerment and give us our data themes he brings up towards the end, he did everything but mention #gmdd and patients in the drivers seat explicitly. The key to better health care may  already be in your […]

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Nancy Finn: Collaborative Teams that Include Patients Make Care Coordination Possible

Today’s guest blogger, author and SPM Secretary Nancy Finn, originally posted this essay on her personal blog. Care coordination requires that the right information reaches the right people within an optimal time frame, so that a patient’s full information is always at the point of care, and all of the follow-up clinical work, as well […]

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What Bryant and Katie saw, while Doc Tom was seeing the future

We’ve often written here about what a visionary our movement’s founder “Doc Tom” Ferguson was. As the medical editor of The Whole Earth Catalog and publisher of the magazine and book Medical Self-Care , he saw the role of the patient and family in healthcare. And when the internet came along, he saw how profoundly it would […]

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Bowling Alone, Healing Together

One year ago, I read a JAMA commentary that was so good I had to stand up while I was reading it: Are Patients Knights, Knaves, or Pawns? I blogged about it here (touching off a heated discussion) and started an email correspondence with one of the authors, Sachin Jain. The result of that correspondence, […]

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